26 Dec

dumpster rental baltimore

Industrial anti-corrosion coating is a new concept that is developed to protect the machines from wearing out and last much longer. Corrosion is basically disintegration of a material into the constituent atoms because of the chemical reactions. So, to get rid of this problem anti-corrosion products are used. With the increase in the use of machineries the problem of corrosion has also increased and thus the advanced generation and technology has come up with solutions. Corrosion is going to affectmaterials such as metals, polymers and ceramics and in this case it is commonly known as degradation.
There are different methods by which this coating can be done in a very perfect manner. The most popular ones are being dip coating, manual brush and spray coating. The technique of coating used depends on the material that is to be coated. These coating materials are also made up of very inert substances and thus we have to be sure that we have proper information about the products and the companies that provide them. The benefits of using Industrial anti-corrosion coating are that there will be less friction in the machine and the machine does not react with the chemicals present in the outer environment.

02 Dec

Man Loses Lotto Ticket In Maryland Dumpster


I’ve never won the lottery, but I’m fairly certain I know exactly what I would do if I did, at least at first. The first thing I would do, once I stopped jumping up and down and thanking the Lord for the financial miracle, I would immediately go wherever I had to to cash that ticket and get my money.

But for whatever inexplicable reason, a lot of lottery winners don’t take this advice. A California man won $135 million on a lottery ticket he bought at a Liquor Store and Deli in Morro Bay…. then subsequently left town, waiting weeks to make his official winning claim.

There’s another story about a man in Texas who played a Scratch-off and won $50,000. She had one year to make an official claim, and for some inexplicable reason waited until the very last day her ticket was still eligible to do so.

And then there is the curious case of Dennis Keatley. A Glen Burnie resident and frequent player of the Maryland lottery, Keatley scratched off a ticket that won him $10,000. Yet for some unknown reason, Keatley decided not to immediately cash his winning lottery ticket and kept it in a DVD case on his living room counter.

Why someone would keep a ticket worth $10,000 in a DVD case out in the middle of their apartment is beyond me. And Keatley seemingly got what he deserved when he got back to his apartment one day and discovered the DVD case was gone.

Keatley scoured his apartment for any sign of the case or his $10,000 ticket, with no success. Desperate, he began to look through the Maryland dumpster located outside his building.

“As a last resort, I went to my apartment complex’s dumpster rental baltimore and searched every trash bag that looked like mine,” Keatley said. The man allegedly spent two Maryland dumpster diving search sessions, and found nothing. With Baltimore trash pickup occurring the next morning, it appeared momentarily, that the $10,000 ticket was lost and gone.

But hey, if there’s one characteristic all lottery ticket winners have, it’s that theyre lucky. The morning that Baltimore trash pickup was scheduled, two maintenance workers agreed to help Keatley search the Maryland dumpster, and just in the nick of time the DVD case (and $10,000 winning lottery ticket) was found.


26 Nov

Latest methods used for anti corrosion coatings


Machines are considered to be a very important asset in the today’s society. Almost eighty percent of the works that are done today is done with the help of machines. It therefore becomes very important to save the machines from the rust and wear and tear of any sort. In order to prevent these type of wear and tear the industrial houses uses a protective coating on the surface of the machines which is called industrial anti coating corrosion coating. This coating provides a safe cover to the face of the machine.
This industrial anti corrosion coating is not only used in industrial houses for their machines but these are also used by the car owners in order to protect their cars from any sort of dent and rusts. Car is also a sort of machine used by human beings which is also prone to many sort of atmospheric problems which causes rut on the machine. By applying the anti corrosion coating problems of such sort is easily sorted out. We even find people using the anti corrosion coating on the walls of the houses. So on the whole we can say that these anti corrosion coating is a very good idea to protect our machineries and houses from rust and stains.